The Sports Clinic


Do you suffer from foot, knee, hip or lower back pain? The Sports Clinic now offers custom orthotics!!!

Did you know that by the time we reach the age of 65, we have walked about 65,000 miles? That is once around the world! Whether it be because of flat feet, or from a previous injury, all that walking can cause your feet, knees, hips or lower back to be in pain. By having a health professional take a cast of your feet and prescribing a pair of custom made orthotics, you can prevent your feet from flattening out as well as alleviating some of that lower body pain.

Not sure what orthotics are? Orthotics are custom made insoles that provide additional support when you are on your feet. Orthotics are made to the exact measurements of the cast taken of your feet. The orthotics hold your feet in the same position taken from the cast and prevent your feet from pronating. This helps to keep everything working in proper alignment. Orthotics help to eliminate the stress on your body, and in time, can decrease inflammation and decrease or eliminate pain.

Most extended health insurance plans cover the cost, however, you do need a prescription from either a health practitioner or medical doctor.