The Sports Clinic


Registered Massage Therapist

An avid traveller and athlete in my spare time, I value being in control of my own health and well-being. In my capacity as an RMT, I strive to empower my clients to do the same. With a strong academic background and many years of clinical experience, I provide custom treatment to each individual with whom I work.

In my practice, I integrate traditional Swedish massage with trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations and myofascial release techniques to rehabilitate those who have undergone surgery or experienced accidents, sports injuries, car crashes, chronic pain, vertebral disc issues and other physical trauma or ailments.

I am a Registered Massage Therapist, having graduated from Kikkawa College (Hons) in 1996. I am also a 1990 graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Poland, with a Master’s degree in teaching.