The Sports Clinic


Physiotherapist Resident

Pat earned his Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology (Honours) from McMaster University in 2019 and his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto in 2021.

Pat’s journey toward the vocation of a physiotherapist began early with a strong interest in healthy, active living, something to which he remains personally and professionally dedicated. Pat realized the benefit of physiotherapy at a young age through his own experiences with sport-related injuries sustained in competitive soccer and weightlifting.

Pat’s mission is to empower his clients to take an active role in their own rehabilitation. More specifically, he endeavours to help them achieve their treatment goals through patient education, individualized exercise programs and manual therapy. As a practitioner, Pat is committed to life-long learning about the art and science of physiotherapy. In particular, he is interested in improving client outcomes by seeking further accreditation in acupuncture, advanced manual therapy, and vestibular courses.